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Starting a Business Handbook

The Starting a Business Handbook is designed for those who are time poor, or perhaps feel uncomfortable attending a teacher-led training session. It is an ideal resource well suited to self-directed leaning or when you are working with your business consultant or mentor. It provides a comprehensive introduction to running a successful business, for first-time business owners and entrepreneurs.

The Starting a Business Handbook is equally suitable if you plan to start a new business, or if you are considering the purchase of an established business. It is written in clear, uncomplicated English, in an easy to understand format.

It contains practical and relevant material covering 31 business topics, including your personal and financial capacity to operate a business, risk management, finance, marketing, compliance and more. It will provide you with the background information and necessary web links to assist you to develop your own business plan.

The Starting a Business Handbook includes an extensive collection of user guides and templates, which are also provided electronically in text and spreadsheet formats. Once you have entered your own data, these templates will combine to form your new or updated business plan. Each chapter also includes a Reality Check, which encourages you to assess your plans from all angles.

The Starting a Business Handbook is also valuable tool for you to refer to well into the future, supporting you in the ongoing operation of your business.

The Starting a Business Handbook – Table of Contents is available on request.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of the Starting a Business Handbook, please email us to discuss further, or to arrange payment and delivery.